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Blog by Archie Horn & Son Ltd.

What is an HVAC system? The initials HVAC stand for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. You’d be correct if you thought HVAC was about your furnace and cooling system, but this is the proper definition. HVAC systems are everywhere you go and the reason you are comfortable when inside a building. The correct installation and subsequent maintenance so important for your comfort. The staff at Archie Horn & Son Ltd. can cover your installation and maintenance needs.

You should really know the basics of an HVAC system and how it works.

  • There’s the Air Return
    - this is the starting point of the ventilation cycle
    - it sucks in the air, draws through a filter
  • Filter
    -this is second part of the air return which the air is drawn through
  • Exhaust Outlets
    -where the exhaust is created by the heating system is expelled
  • Ducts
    -where the heated or cooled air passes through
  • Electrical Elements
    -the electric wiring in the system that includes the thermostat wiring
  • Outdoor Unit
    -provides the air flow, contains the fan
  • Coils
    -part of the outdoor unit
  • Compressor
    -part of the outdoor unit, converts refrigerant from gas to liquid
  • Blower
    -draws warm air through the main section of the unit

Wow! There are a lot of parts to an HVAC System. The above listed elements need regular maintenance and will part of the trouble shooting if things go wrong. Archie Horn & Son Ltd. will more than happy to explain things to you. You should also know that there is a difference between HVAC and Air Conditioning. The confusion between the two is common because Air Conditioning is part of the initials in HVAC. Air conditioning is part of the HVAC system. People will often interchange HVAC and air conditioning.

The staff and technicians at Archie Horn & Son Ltd. are very knowledgeable where your HVAC system is concerned. They can look after you at your home or your business. They have the team of technicians that will be there you.

You may want to interview a few companies to perform regular maintenance to your system to make it last longer and perform properly. This will also be who you call in an emergency situation. Archie Horn & Son Ltd. can look after your HVAC and plumbing needs. They are your experienced, one stop solution and are available 24/7 to assist you. Because they have been in business for four generations, they have a stellar reputation. Now that you know the common terms associated with an HVAC system you can feel good that the experts Archie Horn & Son Ltd. will be in your corner to also help you and answer your questions.

Archie Horn & Son Ltd. can also do your HVAC installation for your home and business. You can find them by telephone at (905) 318-5020 or online at www.archiehorn-son.ca.