Warning Signs About Your Water Heater

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Blog by Archie Horn & Son Ltd.

Whether it’s your water heater or any plumbing issue, Archie Horn & Son Ltd. has your back!

Home ownership has your mind turning to mundane things that you would rather not think about. One of those things is your water heater.

Here are the warning signs that a new water heater should be in your thoughts:

  • Water is dirty, has a rusty appearance
  • Water won’t become hot
  • Hot water tank is leaking
  • Hot water tank is repaired a lot
  • It’s making strange noises

These are the signs that it may time for a new water heater, however there is the mindset to just replace it before it fails totally. The knowledgeable team at Archie Horn & Son Ltd. Plumbers will offer their advice about what you should do if you have any or all of these signs.

If your water is over 10 or 15 years old, it may be showing signs of age which are basically the warning signs that are listed above. You really don’t want a water heater that is temperamental and showing signs of failing. If it fails totally, you could be looking at the quick decision of a replacement. Archie Horn & Son Ltd. Plumbers will of course do any necessary repairs and will install a new one if that is the course of action to be taken. If you’re thinking of replacing the tank before the worst happens, perhaps have the discussion about going with a tankless water heater. The experts at Archie Horn & Son Ltd. will help you with that decision. While thinking about replacing your water heater, think about how if you replace it now, you won’t have the surprise of a cold shower, the awful discovery of water that has leaked from the water heater. Also, as the water heater begins to age and fail frequently, it uses more energy. If you replace it sooner rather than later, you will save money in the long run.

The licensed professionals at Archie Horn & Son Ltd. Plumbers will help you in deciding whether or not it’s time for a new water heater. Their HVAC technicians have extensive knowledge of all things about hot water systems, steam heating, air conditioning and furnaces. They will install and repair the heating and cooling systems that keep you comfortable all year long including your all-important water heater. Some of technicians may focus on certain aspects of HVAC depending on their place of employment and their needs but Archie Horn & Son Ltd. team can repair everything HVAC and plumbing related your home. . An Archie & Son Ltd. technician will identify and take care of any problems and will make sure your furnace will run efficiently and safely. A professional furnace inspection is very beneficial to your peace of mind.

Call Archie Horn & Son Ltd. for all your plumbing and HVAC needs. They offer a one-year warranty on all their parts and labour for your peace of mind. They can be reached at (905) 318-5020 or simply complete their online form.