Getting Winter Ready

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Blog by Archie Horn & Son Ltd.

Winter is coming. Is your plumbing and your HVAC system ready? There are few things you can do now before the temperatures drop and the snow flies. The experts at Archie Horn & Son Ltd. Plumbing will assist you in taking care of your plumbing and HVAC needs this time of year.

You should check the insulation around pipes. Especially those that are on outside walls. Having to deal with frozen pipes would be awful. Perhaps have the professionals at Archie Horn & Son Ltd. check your pipes inside and outside. This is also a good time to have your water heater checked. There a couple of little things you can take care of yourself in your HVAC system. Check and change the filter in your furnace. Some have suggested to have a look at the filter on a monthly basis and if it looks good, it doesn’t need to be changed. The fall is a good time to stock up on furnace filters before there’s a run on them in the winter. Before you turn on the furnace, remove anything stored close by. When you know for sure that you won’t use the air conditioner, it’s time to cover the outside unit and clear out any weeds and debris around it.

The technician that does your furnace winter inspection should do a complete check of your HVAC system. This will include checking the vents, heat exchange, making sure the furnace ignites properly, making sure all moving parts work, checking the belts and more. The experts at Archie Horn & Son Ltd. will make sure your HVAC system is prepared for winter. If you have an oil or gas furnace, there are few additional checks to be added to the list.

Make the time to have your HVAC system checked long before the furnace is turned on. A routine check and maintenance will take care of any small issues before they become large ones that are costly. Your Archie Horn & Son Ltd. expert will identify and look after any issues and will sure your furnace will run efficiently and safely. A professional furnace inspection is very beneficial to your peace of mind and comfort.

Call Archie Horn & Son Ltd. Plumbing to make sure you are ready for winter. They are insured and their parts and labour carry a one-year warranty. You can trust them for all your plumbing and HVAC needs. They serve Hamilton and beyond and have a large team of experts at the ready. Call them at (905) 318-5020.
Winter is coming!