Plumbing and HVAC Issues

Author: Dawn S |

Blog by Archie Horn & Son Ltd.

Some plumbing repairs you can take care of on your own....some, you can't....

Some plumbing repairs you can take care of on your own. But some issues definitely need the help of a trained professional. A plumber will fix any issue, big or small, but some repairs you simply cannot do. An issue that should be handled by a trained, licensed professional, is a water heater that is acting up. If the water has turned cold in your house, a call to Archie Horn & Son Ltd. will be in order. Their plumber will check that the pilot light is still lit and if it went out, they will re-light it. It could be a buildup of sediment or a faulty thermostat that is the culprit but a trained plumbing technician should make the diagnosis and fix the fault. Another common issue that warrants the help of a plumber is low water pressure. If the water is trickling out of your taps, a call to a plumber should be in order. This may be an issue in an older home because pipes could be worn, broken or corroded due to their age. Remember, nothing lasts forever!

The arrival of cooler weather means now is the time to get your furnace ready to keep you warm. There are things you can do to ensure that your furnace will run smooth when the time comes to turn it on. Your best bet, however, would be to call the professionals at Archie Horn & Son Ltd. A lot could’ve happened over the summer to your furnace while it wasn’t being used so an inspection should really be done by a professional at Archie Horn & Son Ltd.

There are a couple of little things you can take care of yourself. However, it’s a good idea that every three months change the furnace filter yourself. Some have suggested to have a look at it on a monthly basis and if it looks good, it doesn’t need to be changed. A good time to stock up on furnace filters is during the summer before there’s a run on them in the winter. Before you turn on the furnace, remove anything stored near the furnace. When you know for sure that you won’t use the air conditioner, it’s time to cover the outside unit and clear out any weeds and debris around it. It’s okay for you to turn on the thermostat if you like.

If possible, you should have your HVAC system checked long before the furnace is turned on. A routine check and maintenance will take care of any small issues before they become large ones that are costly. An Archie & Son Ltd. technician will identify and take care of any problems and will make sure your furnace will run efficiently and safely. A professional furnace inspection is very beneficial to your peace of mind. When you’re ready for your winter furnace inspection, call the professionals at Archie Horn & Son Ltd.

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